You got your forever make-out buddy? And now you're planning your Wedding. Umm can we just say, YAY! Its your Wedding day!!! That’s a big deal.

The day you may have been imagining and talking about since you were probably a little kid. Whatever you're dreaming of its worth being captured in a way that will bring back all the feels for years to come. It's important that we fit, I want to be a 3rd wheel. But like a not awkward, really uncomfortable, third wheel. I want your engagement session to be a date, and I'm just the tag along friend. You be you and I’ll capture that. Sometimes, I might suggest having a beer before coming out to your session if you really are nervous. Because if I can’t get natural-ness, I might ask you to secretly make farting noises at each other to get those giggles. And that will really bring us all together. By the time your wedding comes were gonna be best friends and I’ll be able to capture your day in a way that you can remember. Your creating a life together and this is just the start of it.